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OpenStack Platform

OpenStack is a standard open-source platform for building infrastructure cloud providing variety of components which are developed under OpenStack Foundation​.


Supported OpenStack Components

We perform thorough testing of OpenStack and provide patched and verified components

Security Hardening

  • Continuous patching

  • Fast fixes for CVE

  • Support of CADF audit events

  • PCI-DSS compliance

Typical OpenStack Deployment

Please see below typical OpenStack installation scenario.

We are able to customize the installation accordingly to the provided hardware and requirements. Please contact us for more details.

Hardware and Installation

​We support different installation methods and tools for OpenStack

  • Kolla - deployment into Docker containers

  • Helm - deployment as a Kubernetes cluster

We have an extensive knowledge of software installation on hardware from various vendors, including SDN integration.

Consulting and Implementation Services

Let our team solve your problems


Suitable if you want to get a lot of knowledge and handle part of the operations yourself.

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