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ULTIMUM Monitoring

A complete monitoring solution is necessary to ensure stability of any software. By providing a fine-tuned monitoring and log management of all solution components we can reach maximum SLA and provide a good insight of the solution.

Resources Monitoring

  • Network devices resources

  • Physical nodes resources

  • Virtual server resources

  • Container resources

  • Host aggregates and clustered resources

Components Monitoring

  • MySQL cluster

  • CEPH

  • RabbitMQ cluster

  • OpenStack services

Log Management

  • Centralized log management and analysis

  • Context included in the logs

  • Easy to find relevant information based on context

  • Kibana based GUI to easy search in the logs

Functional Testing

  • Automated functional testing

  • Rally testing covering automated tests of various OpenStack components

Capacity Reporting and Planning

  • Capacity reporting

  • Service SLA reporting

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