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Operation and Management


Our Operation and Management Services are suitable for:

  • clients who want to have their on-premise deployment of Kubernetes or OpenStack

  • clients who prefer to focus their activies fully on the development and operation of their applications

  • clients who prefer to outsource the operation and management of Kubernetes and OpenStack platforms

Benefits of our Operation and Management Services

  • Fully functional deployment of Kubernetes and OpenStack

  • Guaranteed 99.9%uptime in 24/7 service regime

  • Saving personnel and costs necessary to operate Kubernetes and OpenStack

  • Professional monitoring system included

  • Complex log management included

  • Continuous performance optimization provided

  • Continuous maintenance of Kubernetes and OpenStack deployments

  • Regular security patching and hardening

Create a service request in one single step:

Thank you! We will contact you no later than in 24 hours.

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