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Ansible Automation

Ansible is an open-source system for automating hardware and software management, its orchestration and to ease repeated task done in different environments in an easy way.


  • Cost saving by automation of repeated, manual task

  • Faster delivery of business requirements

  • Consistent naming convention of devices, services and all configuration items

  • Audit log of configuration events available for all operations

  • Configuration verification and easy retrieval of information from configured hardware/software

  • Integration with business processes by web interface and REST API

  • Role based access control  (RBAC)

Why to choose Ansible

Ansible solution is ideal in the case when there are heterogeneous hardware and software environments, that need to be configured in a consistent way on longterm.

Key features

  • Ability to management a lot of hardware and software components from single management tool

  • Ability to integrate hardware and software configuration in one place

  • Separating access management of different parts between multiple roles

  • Graphical interface and REST API available for all operations

  • Audit log and overview of management operations

Consulting and Implementation Services

Let our team solve your problems


Suitable if you want to get a lot of knowledge and handle part of the operations yourself.

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